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Dr. Joseph is at the cutting edge of minimally invasive aesthetic medicine. As we age, our face changes in many ways. While changes in the skin and downward descent of the tissues have been the focus of aesthetic treatment in the past, a newly understood primary change involves loss and shifting of facial volume.

Many of the changes commonly associated with aging are related to volume loss around the eyes. We can lose volume under our eyes, in our cheeks or mid face, in our brows, and our temples. The complex anatomy and interaction of these areas makes an oculoplastic surgeon ideally suited to assess and address these changes. As oculoplastic and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Joseph has extensive experience using various fillers to rejuvenate these vital and sensitive areas.

What are fillers?

Fillers, or more formally dermal fillers, are highly refined formulations of hyaluronic acid gel. Hyaluronic acid (which is found all over our bodies) is a safe and instantly effective way to replace the volume we lose as we age. There are several formulations, each with its own specific characteristics. Dr Joseph uses the most advanced filler products to achieve your desired result.
Voluma XC – This new product is excellent at restoring volume of the cheeks and midface. It is wonderful in achieving a long lasting lift in the midface and can last upwards of 2 years.
Juvéderm XC – This is a softer hyaluronic gel that expands as it hydrates after injection. Dr. Joseph will use this filler for lips and more superficial contouring around the mouth.
Restylane – This hyaluronic gel is excellent for the delicate under eye hollows and soft support volume.
Perlane – A more supportive and volumizing formulation of Restylane it can be utilized in areas which require deeper injection.
Belotero – A newer filler to the market here in the US. It is excellent in treating the very superficial fine lines and wrinkles. It can also be used around the eyes.





I have tired looking eyes, do I need surgery?

The answer used to always be yes. But in the modern age of aesthetic medicine, we have so much more to offer our patients. Filler treatment around the eyes is an excellent way to restore the fullness and vibrancy around our eyes, improving hollow, sunken, dark, or puffy looking eyelids. Even if you were told you need surgery by another doctor, a filler like Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero, or Voluma may be able to give you the aesthetic result you are looking for without the downtime of surgery.

Lower eyelid filler

Upper eyelid filler

One of Dr. Joseph’s specialties as an oculoplastic surgeon and eyelid specialist is the contouring of the upper eyelids with injectable filler.
Injectable fillers are made of hyaluronic acid gel. Common injectable fillers include Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, and Voluma.

  • While some people may develop puffiness and heaviness of the upper eyelids as they age, a large group of people suffer from the opposite effect. Hollowing of the upper eyelids can occur due to changes as we age, or due to prior surgery where too much skin and fat was removed from the eyelid.

A hollow upper eyelid can have a significant aging effect on the face. It causes the eyes to look sunken and heavy. It can expose the bone structure of the eye socket underneath.

What can I do for my hollow upper eyelids?

Using his knowledge of the upper eyelid anatomy, extensive experience in this area, and skills from his microsurgical training, Dr. Joseph can return the upper eyelid volume that is lost with a short, in office procedure.
Dr. Joseph uses an injectable filler, placed delicately and precisely to the upper lid. The filler injections can even be done without the use of a needle.

What are needle-less filler injections? What is a cannula?

Dr. Joseph uses the newest technology when performing filler injections. In addition to using the most advanced fillers available, Dr. Joseph employs a cutting edge technology to administer your filler treatment. A micro-cannula is used in many cases to avoid the multiple needle sticks associated with traditional filler injections. This technique minimizes complications and bruising while allowing for a much smoother and reliable injection of the filler.

What is the recovery after filler injections?

Filler injections are a short treatment performed in the office. There is little to no recovery time after the procedure. Using his needle-less technique, Dr. Joseph’s patients are often able to leave the office and right away return to the normal daily activities. Some bruising can rarely occur, but can be covered with makeup right after the treatment.

If you have used or are considering fillers as part of a regimen to achieve your cosmetic goals, a consultation with Dr. Joseph in his Newport Beach office is an excellent place to start. He will sit down with you and discuss, at length, your areas of concern and the best ways to achieve your ideal result.


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