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Surgical Philosophy

“The world focuses on your eyes, so your eyes are our focus.”

The field of aesthetic and reconstructive medicine is constantly evolving. Through his subspecialized training and focus, Dr. Jeffrey Joseph brings the highest level of contemporary oculoplastic care to Newport Beach.

Eyelid specialist and oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Joseph shares his philosophy on cosmetic eyelid surgery.

“My goal is to deliver a personalized experience and result for my patients. My focused practice and experience allows me to do this for each person I care for, as each person is unique, and has individual needs and goals.

Plastic surgery is a constantly changing field and it takes experience, focus and specialization to deliver cutting edge techniques and contemporary results.”

What makes cosmetic surgery around the eyes so unique?

“Cosmetic surgery around the eyes can be very rewarding. I’ve spent my entire career focused on the eyelids and the area around the eyes, and this has taught me about what truly matters when it comes to eyelid surgery. A successful eyelid surgery comes down to the surgeon understanding what to do, how to do it, and how much of it. It sounds simple, but I will explain further.

Each patient comes in with a unique set of concerns and issues. An experienced and knowledgeable eyelid surgeon must identify exactly what these problems are, before deciding what to do. The surgeon then needs to have a mastery in many different eyelid surgery techniques to be able to select the right combination. Last is understanding how to customize these techniques for each patient so the surgery achieves the desired results without looking over-done or even worse, causing harm to the eyes or vision.

To meet this challenge the surgeon needs to have focused experience, knowledge, and skill. As an oculoplastic surgeon I am not only a trained eye specialist but my practice exclusively deals with aesthetic and reconstructive procedures in this area. I fortunate to be uniquely qualified and prepared to meet the challenges of cosmetic eyelid surgery”

Natural Results

“Nobody wants the results of their cosmetic eyelid surgery to look fake, artificial, or “done”. My focused specialty of ophthalmic plastic surgery has enabled me to tailor a wide variety of techniques to ensure that the results I deliver to each of my patients naturally improve appearance, brightening the eyes, and smoothing the eyelids.”

What is your next step?

If you have been considering cosmetic eyelid surgery, a consultation with Dr. Joseph in his Newport Beach office is your next step. Click here to contact Dr. Joseph’s Orange County office and schedule your consultation.


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